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TRAVEL AND MORE offers high quality private and group French tuition for all ability levels and age groups.
At TRAVEL AND MORE we run extremely efficient and enjoyable French language tuition. Our French classes provide a very friendly and motivating atmosphere: through the use of the most advanced audiovisual technology, the French language student becomes part of a small group of people who interact, communicate and work together.
Even if they are run in a very relaxed and informal spirit, our French classes are fast and pacey, so there is never a dull moment and you maximise the amount you learn in each language lesson. French grammar is explained clearly and concisely.
TRAVEL AND MORE is also the only French language school based in Sydney which guarantees small size classes (from 3 to 5 students per class). As a result you will practise much more than you would be able to in a big class. Your French teacher will be able to focus better on your own personal requirements: a guarantee that you will learn French very quickly, much quicker than in any other school, and that your time and money will be better invested.
French language courses are held at your home, office or on our premises and can be customised according to your requirements.
For more information about:
Click here to register your personal details and the kind of French tuition you are interested in and we will get back to you ASAP.
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At TRAVEL AND MORE French teachers are qualified native speakers, specially trained in foreign language teaching. They are experienced, dedicated, friendly, down-to-earth, with a great sense of humour and the ability to explain things simply and clearly. They adopt communicative teaching methods, combined with analysis of grammatical structures. They use the most effective text books and the latest audiovisual teaching materials. They will inspire you with their love of France and teach you not only the language but also many things about the local people, their culture, their way of life, habits and customs and of course food and wine. It will be a bit like a journey without leaving home. You will also receive many extremely useful tips for a future trip.
French tuition can be organised:
- at the home of our teachers in Bellevue Hill (Eastern Suburbs), Artamon, Chatswood and Lindfield (North Shore), Manly (Northern Beaches) and Kogarah (Southern Suburbs);
- in our classroom at Academies Australasia, Level 6 / 505 George Street (above the cinemas) in Sydney's dynamic CBD;
- at your home or your offices.
A term consists of 8 classes of 2 hours. French classes run once a week. Since we need only a few students to open a class, courses start every two weeks. You can study during the week, day time or evening, and on Saturdays (day time).
It costs $290 for 8 classes of 2 hours each.
To confirm your booking you need to contact us and to pay a $40 booking deposit as soon as you can.
Click here to register your personal details and the kind of French tuition you are interested in and we will get back to you ASAP.
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French for BEGINNERS
Once you have successfully completed this French language course for beginners you will have gained good conversation and reading skills. You will have the necessary understanding of the French language to talk confidently about general topics or to cope with everyday travel situations in French speaking countries.
You will learn:
1) How to exchange personal details:
•  greet people and say goodbye;
•  introduce yourself and spell your name and surname;
•  introduce someone;
•  ask and give personal details such as nationality, place of residence, address, phone number and more.
2) How to talk about your work and about your hobbies.
3) How to express likes and preferences.
4) Numbers.
5) How to order in a café or restaurant; how to ask for the bill and for the prices.
6) How to speak in the appropriate register.
7) how to conjugate verbs in the present tense.
Click here if you would like to take part!
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Our French language Post Beginner lessons are specially designed for people who studied French at high school years ago and want to revive their knowledge of the language. Do you already have a basic understanding of French grammar and a large passive vocabulary? You may be convinced you do not remember anything, but you will find that it takes much less time than you think to get back on track and be able to understand, talk, read and write in French.
Click here if you would like to take part!
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You already speak good French but you need to develop your skills in order to cope with any situation and communicate easily with native French speakers, both orally and in writing. We are here to help you!
Click here if you would like to take part!
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Knowing a little bit of French will help you interact with the locals, open many doors and often be the key to having an absolutely unforgettable time on your holiday. In our French course for travellers you will learn how to greet the people you meet, how to introduce yourself, how to be polite, how to order a drink / a meal and ask for the bill, how to book a table at a restaurant or a room in a hotel and how to ask for directions while visiting a town and more. During this course you will also learn about French people , their culture, way of life, habits and customs, the different regions of France and their individual cuisines and receive many extremely useful hints and tips for your trip.
Click here if you would like to take part!
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French ONE to ONE
Our one to one French tuition is very intensive and particularly suited to people who need to learn the language or to improve their knowledge of French, whatever their level is, in a short period of time or at their own pace and need a flexible timetable.
Click here if you would like to register!
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Does your staff need training in French for business, travel or cultural reasons? Tailor-made for your requirements, customised French language lessons for individuals and small groups are ideal for fitting around busy work schedules. French courses can take place on our premises or at your desk. Programmes are ideally organised into modules of 30 hours each with a minimum of two hours per week. An initial free assessment with our French language skills consultant is all that is required and we will do the rest.
Click here if you would like to take part!
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French coaching for YOUNGSTERS
Customised French tuition for individuals or groups of the same age can be arranged at home or on our premises.
Our French tutors also offer French revision courses during mid-term, Christmas and Easter breaks. We coach HSC students all year long too.
Click here if you would like to take part!
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French CONVERSATION classes
If you have reached a certain proficiency in the language, why not practise your spoken French, and extend your French language comprehension, by joining one of our French conversation groups? These French courses are hosted by one of our French teachers and every so often, in order to add variety to the class, we have a "special guest" to chat with in a very relaxed and informal manner. The course aims to give students the confidence to express themselves in French. Emphasis is placed on improving the student's vocabulary to be used in practical situations. This French conversation class also offers the opportunity to improve one's cultural knowledge and understanding of France: the country's history, different regions, traditions, cuisine and of course French people. Moreover we will discuss and comment on current affairs and on the fascinating French contribution to the arts, such as paintings, sculpture, architecture, music, theatre, cinema and more. This unique French course will definitely stimulate the use of appropriate idiomatic forms and will greatly expand your vocabulary.
Click here if you would like to take part!

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Geoff :“ This is the most useful French training I had ever done. I'd visited France several times before but this last time was extra special. Attending Travel and More's French language courses made the difference!
Claire : “I knew I would love France but felt nervous about how I'd be received by French people. The Traveller courses helped me to understand the way French people think and behave. It became easy to communicate, to interact with them once I was there and I found them the most charming people. Thank you so much again! Merci beaucoup.”
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