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Melbourne: Saturday 22 | Sunday 23 August,
at Co.As.It - 189 Faraday St - Carlton - VIC
If you and your friends want to learn some Italian in a practical way, and you like Italian food, Weekend Italiano A TAVOLA is the perfect social occasion. Blending hands-on workshops with the cultural history of food and etiquette, Weekend Italiano A TAVOLA will improve your language skills as well as your culinary expertise.
  • a new series of two-hour workshops will enable you to make some traditional Italian dishes, set a formal dining table and learn how to choose the best restaurant in town – all of this of course parlando italiano;
  • gourmet lunches – prepared by selected chefs specialised on Sicilian cuisine – will provide insight into Italian culture, history and traditions;
  • a degustation of Italian cheeses and wines will be held on Saturday;
  • all materials are included;
  • every participant will receive a bag with Italian food products.
Weekend Italiano A TAVOLA caters to beginners, advanced, and lower and upper intermediate speakers, with each level adapting vocabulary and grammatical structures to students' abilities. You can attend Saturday, Sunday, or both days.

Weekend Italiano A TAVOLA workshops
Check the timetable on
L'arte del caffè
What does it mean ‘andiamo a farci un caffè'? Drinking coffee is an activity deeply embedded into Italian culture, so much so that it has become one of its symbolic aspects, almost a stereotype. It is one of the trademarks of the Italian lifestyle in the eyes of foreign people. In this workshop, key aspect of the art of coffee will be examined: its origins, the daily activity of drinking it, Italian TV commercials of coffee brands and finally, how to prepare a good coffee with a moka!
Il cibo nell'arte
Cooking is certainly an art, artists must eat to survive, but what about producing art with food? In the first part of this workshop, we will explore the relationship between art and food, by looking at a selection of artworks that embed (images of) food, from the Renaissance until present day. The second part of the workshop involves producing an art installation by using Italian food… and tongue.
Ridi che la mamma ha fatto gli gnocchi
Have you ever dreamt of creating soft, melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi, just like your mamma or nonna used to make? Have you ever wondered how to make gnocchi from scratch, while envying the smells gently wafting over from the kitchen of your Italian neighbours? In this hands-on workshop, along with new vocabulary, grammar exercises and stimulating conversation, you will learn the Glavich family recipe, passed down directly from Sandra's nonna, just as she used to make them in Istria and later in Australia. And remember the key - no waxy potatoes, don't overdo it with the flour, and make sure you know how to pronounce the word 'gnocchi'!
Agriturismo. L'appetito vien mangiando
Agriturismi - farmhouses with annexed a restaurant - have experienced a flourishing popularity over the past two decades all over Italy, both within local and international patrons. The re-discovery of old culinary traditions, a meticulous attention for the quality of ingredients, a desire to escape modern are some of the reasons behind the success of the agriturismo formula.
This interactive workshop will take you on a tour of Italy to visit some of the most popular and quaint agriturismi. You will learn how to negotiate prices, make bookings, order, praise and complain about food.
Eating meditation
Be present, relax and eat your way to enlightenment. Eating meditation is among the simplest, and most profound, of mindfulness practices. A guided meditation aimed to raise a deeper awareness of your senses will set up the scene for a sensational food experience.
Effort with ease is the key to yoga. Let your breath guide your movements as you allow your body to stretch, you mind to adjust and your soul to take you higher. This session is open to all levels of fitness as it comprises gentile movements. 

Menu Saturday Lunch
Degustation of Italian cheeses and wines
Pecorino toscano
Parmigiano Reggiano
black olives
bread and extra-virgin olive oil
Cielo Chardonnay
Cielo Cabernet Sauvignon
Cielo Pinot Bianco & Pinot Grigio
Freschello Chardonnay
Terre Allegre Merlot
Involtini Siciliani
Baked rolled meat stuffed with cheese, bread crumbs, pine nuts and sultanas
VEGETARIAN OPTION: Parmigiana di Melanzane
Parmigiana di melanzane is a layered, baked dish of eggplants in Napoletana sauce, Parmesan and Mozzarella Bread crumbs and Basil.
Insalata Sicilana
Steamed potatoes, broad beans, tomatoes, onions, anchovies
seasoned with extra virgin olive oil
Dessert: Pears with cream
Menu Sunday Lunch
Linguine al pesto genovese
with potatoes, pinenuts and broad beans
Insalata di pollo
Chicken breast salad with tomatoes, asparagus,
extra-virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
Dessert: Profiterol
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